Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poems for President Lincoln

This poem was written by one of our readers, Beth for her son Kyle’s 3rd grade class at Livingston Elementary School in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Can you write a short poem about Abe Lincoln? Write it in your word processor, then copy and paste it into the comment window!

Mr. Lincoln died in Ford’s Theatre,
While attending a play,
No one could have even guessed,
The events that would unfold that sad day,

It was John Wilkes Booth, an actor,
Who didn’t want President Lincoln alive,
He shot and fatally killed him,
It was April 15th in the year 1865.

Now his face is on the penny,
So if you see one, stop and pick it up,
Put it in your pocket,
Maybe Abe will bring you good luck!

He’s on the five dollar bill too,
So if you really get to thinkin’,
Instead of giving someone a "High Five"
You can give them a "High Lincoln"!

Honest Abe

When you hear the words Old Abe, Honest Abe , The Little Giant Killer and Abraham Lincoln, what comes to your mind? What do you think of the great man and what he did for our country?